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SmarterEPC’s first study was released at Splitech 2024

SmarterEPC presented the paper “Bridging the Gap: A Comprehensive Review of EPC and SRI Calculation Tools in Europe” at Splitech 2024, the international conference on smart and sustainable technologies that this year took place in Bol, Croatia.
SmarterEPC partners at the Splitech conference to present the SmarterEPC abstract

On 26 June, the SmarterEPC partners participated at Splitech, the international conference on smart and sustainable technologies that this year took place in Bol, Croatia, to present the recent paper within the SmarterEPC framework that aims to analyse Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) and Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI) calculation tools in the European Union.

EPC and SRI for fighting climate change

Preventing climate change requires sustainable development in the built environment, which consumes significant energy and emits substantial carbon. The EU addresses this with policies enhancing energy efficiency and intelligent building management, using tools like Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) and the Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI). The Smarter EPC project examines these tools across the EU to support the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030 and achieving climate neutrality by 2050.

Addressing gaps in SRI and EPC panorama

In this first study, we gave an overview of existing tools based on data collection, methodologies, user experience, and interoperability, with a focus on innovations from NextGenEPC projects. Thanks to our results, we want to support the development of more efficient, user-friendly, and interoperable tools for better building energy performance and smart readiness assessments in Europe.

Being EPCs established for several years already, the number of tools in member states is relevant. The numerous tools available at the national level reveal complexity and alignment with EU energy efficiency goals. While some tools showcase best practices, others need improvement in standardization and user accessibility.

Regarding the Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI), the scheme is quite recent and the analysis focused on this list of available tools: 

  1. D^2EPC Building Performance Module
  2. EPC-RECAST BIM Supported SRI
  3. Smart-Ready-Go!®
  4. SPA&A
  6. IsZEB SRI Calculator
  7. U-CERT SRI Digital Tool

Findings and next tools to support the SRI and EPC implementation

The Smarter EPC project highlights advancements and challenges in building energy performance and smart readiness assessment tools. Innovations in digital technology and data analytics have led to advanced EPC and SRI tools, offering detailed insights into building performance and facilitating energy-efficient solutions. However, gaps remain in standardization, tool interoperability, and user interfaces.

The project’s findings are crucial for policy development, tool improvement, and promoting sustainable building practices in the EU. It provides a roadmap for future enhancements, advocating for more harmonized and user-friendly building assessments.

SmarterEPC Atlas - work in progress

In this paper, we launched the first draft of the SmarterEPC Atlas that, when fully developed, presents all the tools available for SRI and EPCs at national levels and aims to standardize assessments, promote best practices, and encourage smart, energy-efficient buildings, thereby aiding the EU’s environmental targets.

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