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The SRI is strengthened in the new version of the EPBD

on the 12th April, EPBD was fully adopted. This marked a significat moment for Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI) that are now entering the national test phase.
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On 12 April 2024, the European Union formally adopted the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), marking a significant milestone in European energy policy. This comprehensive revision, initiated in 2021 with a proposal from the Commission, underwent rigorous stakeholder consultations and trilateral negotiations among the Commission, the Council, and the EU Parliament. The adopted version of the EPBD underscores the importance of the Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI), originally introduced in the 2018 revision of the EPBD as an optional instrument for Member States to test on a voluntary basis.

Article 15 of the new recast mandates the European Commission to deliver a report by June 2026 on the testing and implementation of the SRI on the basis of the available results of the national test phases
and other relevant projects. Taking into account the outcome of that report, the Commission is tasked with adopting a delegated act by June 2027, compelling the application of the SRI to the most energy-intensive non-residential buildings – those with an effective rated output for HVAC systems of over 290 kW. Additionally, the Commission will consult relevant stakeholders and adopt an implementing act detailing the technical arrangements for the effective implementation of the SRI, clarifying the complementary relation of the scheme to the Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs).

SmarterEPC at the cornerstone for SRI implementation

SmarterEPC stands as one of the cornerstone projects upon which the Commission relies to provide invaluable insights feeding into the 2026 report on SRI testing and implementation. SmarterEPC is honored to contribute significantly to clarifying the SRI’s complementary relationship with EPCs. Our forthcoming “Fit for 290! Roadmap”, slated for publication in 2025, will compile recommendations and insights aimed at guiding the Union towards the mandatory application of the SRI for non-residential buildings with HVAC systems rated over 290 kW.

For more details on the EPBD, please visit the European Commission website.

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