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SmarterEPC: a suite of digital tools for building smartness and energy performance in one click

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The building assessment schemes

Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) were introduced in the European legislation in 2002. Their purpose is to reduce EU energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. EPCs present transparently the building’s energy performance and suggest cost-optimal improvements in the energy efficiency of building units.

Besides, the development of smart technologies applied to the building sector has proven to have a positive impact on building performance, not only in terms of energy savings but also in terms of adaptation to the needs of buildings’ occupants and the capability to provide flexibility services to energy systems, unlocking the decarbonisation potential of buildings and the various connected grids.

This is why the Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI) was introduced in the EU legislation in 2018, as an optional scheme assessing the smart-readiness of buildings.

Challenges and needs

To be recognized as dominant assessment schemes, EPCs and SRIs still face several needs and fulfill certain requirements.
  • Increase their market up-take and wide recognition among the European citizens
  • Unleash the full potential of EPC and SRI in an visually attractive and integrated way
  • Boost the adoption of innovative EPC and SRI calculation tools by the professionals of the construction sector
  • Contribute to and support the ongoing work of the SRI Platform and National Testing Committees
  • Improve data collection, aggregation and analysis procedures for EPC and SRI, in line with the EU Building Stock Observatory
  • Develop on-site processes for EPC and SRI audits in line with the most advanced standards
  • Convert EPC and SRI assessment in prominent decision-making tools for decarbonize the European building stock
  • Upskill and reskill the EPC and SRI professional assessors thanks to the SmarterEPC Hub and dedicated training packages
View from below of a modern blue mirrored building against a clear sky representing Smarte EPC challenges

Our solution: The SmarterEPC Hub

SmarterEPC offers an easy-to-use, consistent, and versatile open hub for assessors and built environment specialists. It gives access to several user-friendly, and innovative tools to perform jointly EPC and SRI assessments. The hub is aligned with the most updated EU standards and provides consistent results about the building positioning along its decarbonization journey on energy performance and smart readiness. 

SmarterEPC also provides common building inspection procedures for the export of EPC and SRI certificates, dedicated training programs along with e-learning materials, policy support to national and EU policies, and much more!

Detail shot of modern architecture facade, Smarter EPC, building, with green trees and clear sky

What is the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)?

An Energy performance certificate (EPC) provides information on the energy performance rating of a building and recommendations for cost-effective improvements.
The Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI) is an EU scheme, proposed to assess the capacity of a building to accommodate smart-ready services.

The SmarterEPC Hub: all the innovative EPC and SRI digital tools in one place

The SmarterEPC Hub is the cutting-edge solution for assessors and operators in the building sector to effortlessly evaluate and rate buildings. The hub will ease access to the most complete and updated EPC and SRI assessment tools as well as e-learning materials available in several EU languages.

The SmarterEPC standardised EPC and SRI assessments guarantee that results are credible and comparable, which is of great value for operators and final users. Assessors are guided through the hub to upload the building data, and select among the available digital tools, those aligned with their needs.

SmarterEPC Hub will issue EPC and SRI certificates ready to be transmitted to their clients.

To interested stakeholders like building owners, tenants, or EU and national authorities and researchers, SmarterEPC proposes an overview of EPC and SRI assessment, enabling the possibility to aggregate data and compute building performance, energy, and smartness KPIs levels in a given geographical area.

Smarter EPC infographic detailing the layers of data acquisition, calculation tools, and stakeholders in the EPC national calculation tools framework.

Training & capacity building area

Welcome to the training and capacity building area of SmarterEPC! Here you will find a list of e-learning materials and packages for training the European assessors on innovative EPC and SRI procedures. 

Get certified! 

If you are an assessor and you successfully complete the SmarterEPC training, you will receive a professional certification as auditor for on-site EPC and SRI schemes. The consortium is working on a harmonised procedure for the EPC and SRI, in order for the assessors to be able to perform a combined audit via one unique process, with valuable benefits on costs and time. 

The consortium will provide e-learning materials for assessors. Experts from all across Europe will be welcome to learn and get the chance to improve their competences with us! 

Access to materials and training will be provided as the project progresses.

Policy roadmap and input to EN standards for designing the building assessments of the future

In this section, you will find the activities performed by the consortium to: 

  • Support ongoing policies towards broader adoption of innovative EPC and SRI schemes by legislative frameworks at the national and EU levels.
  • Be ready for Fit for 290 Roadmap, our SmarterEPC contribution to support the stakeholders of the building sector to perform SRI rating for non-residential buildings. The Roadmap will demonstrate an effective rated output for heating systems, or systems for combined space heating and ventilation of over 290 kW. This will be in line with the European Commission strategy and we want our European market to be ready for that. 
  • Contribute to existing EN standards on buildings and their audits, thanks to the solid expertise of the consortium.
Smarter EPC infographic showing EU policy areas, regional and international actions, and LIFE sub-programmes

SmarterEPC public materials

Explore all the public materials created within the SmarterEPC project


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Expertise in EPC and SRI, standards, training and policy actions

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Synergies with EU R&D projects and leading initiatives

SmarterEPC has already joined forces with EU projects working on the EPC and SRI topics integrating the Next Gen EPC cluster and the LIFE SRI cluster. Are members of these clusters R2MF, CERTH, EPBC, EUP, R2MI. The following are all the projects we are cooperating with, distinguished on domains and type of funding.

Horizon Europe funded projects:

Projects advancing on the SRI domain:

Horizon Europe funded projects:

Advancing on both the EPC and SRI domains:

Horizon Europe funded projects:

LIFE funded projects – special focus:

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