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SmarterEPC at the SRI Joint Event

SmarterEPC was present at the most important event on SRI organised at EU level this year which gathered actors and projects working on the development of the SRI.
people of SmarterEPC at the SRI Joint event

On 7 March 2024, in Brussels, the European Commission (DG ENER and CINEA) hosted a gathering of the SRI Platform, EU projects funded by the LIFE programme, Member States representatives and industry experts to delve into the topic of smart readiness in European buildings. Among the participants was SmarterEPC, represented by a team including Cécile Barrère and Inès Kahin from R2M Solution, alongside Andrei V. Litiu from EPB Center and Paris Fokaides from Euphyia Tech, who engaged in project exhibitions and expert talks.

In the presence of Sylvain Robert (CINEA, SmarterEPC project advisor), Cécile Barrère took part in an expert discussion on Technical Frameworks and Procedural Intricacies of the Building Smartness Audit. She introduced the innovative concept of the SmarterEPC Hub, designed to facilitate joint EPC and SRI assessments, providing standardized building inspection procedures and dedicated training programs.

This event provided an invaluable opportunity for the SmarterEPC team to collaborate and share insights with sister projects such as tunES, iEPB, SmartSquare, SRI2MARKET, SRI-Enact, and easySRI, fostering a rich exchange of ideas and expertise in advancing smart readiness and energy performance of European buildings.

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