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Easier energy transition planning for local authorities

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What is the Step-WISE project

The Step-WISE project is a tailored and dynamic capacity-building programme to transform local and regional authorities into autonomous early adopters of digitised, integrated, and ambitious Clean Energy Transition Plans. Step-WISE, co-funded by the European Union, started in December 2023 and will last 2.5 years

Our mission

The Step-WISE mission is to increase capacity of Local and Regional Authorities to initiate an effective energy transition through development of Clean Energy Transition Plans.

We will make the process easier, quicker and more accurate via a Step-WISE toolkit which will allow administrations at all levels to have a digital baseline model of their area/region, use physics-based energy simulation to evaluate different energy scenarios, prioritise interventions in time, and build dynamic Clean Energy Transition Plan to monitor progress towards targets.

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Project phases

The Step-WISE project takes place over three main phases.

Phase 1 | March 2024

Groundwork and Research

In this first phase, we aim to understand the drivers, barriers and challenges of Local and Regional Authorities when they set out to create, implement or monitor the Clean Energy Transition Plans. We want to know the context they operate in, and what are the main problems that the Step-WISE project can help solve

Phase 2 | March 2025

Toolkit & Capacity Building Programme Development

In this second phase, we will create a Capacity Building Programme on Clean Energy Transition planning. This will be a training programme and its materials focussed on improving the skills of Local and Regional Authorities and their technical advisors, supported by the StepWISE toolkit. We will create the Programme and refine the toolkit based on the outcomes of Phase 1.

Phase 3 | February 2026

Implementation of the Capacity Building Programme

In this third and final phase, we will deliver the Capacity Building Programme to Local and Regional Authorities in Europe, in particular focussing on our core regions: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Spain, and the Mediterranean Islands. We will run an open call for Step-WISE support for the development of Clean Energy Transition Plans using the Step-WISE toolkit, to select LRAs which will receive hands on training and support from the project team.

Join the Step-WISE community

Local and Regional Authorities are at the centre of Step-WISE. We are always looking for forward looking Local Authorities, willing to be at the forefront of the energy transition.

In Phase 1 of the project, we will establish a close-knit group of Early Adopters. Participants will influence the project direction, via active participation to questionnaires and interviews.


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