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SmarterEPC offers an easy-to-use, consistent, and versatile open hub for assessors and built environment specialists. It gives access to several user-friendly, and innovative tools to perform jointly EPC and SRI assessments. The hub is aligned with the most updated EU standards and provides consistent results about the building positioning along its decarbonization journey on energy performance and smart readiness.

Nail the essentials: What is the Energy Performance Certificate?

Have you ever bought, sold, or rented a house? You might elicit an Energy Performance Certificate. The energy certification of buildings is a sort of identity card for a building, having two goals: For a client (homeowner, a dweller, etc.), it provides information on the energy performance of buildings through an energy classification system; For…

SmarterEPC: the new hub to change building evaluation

The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) adoption is progressing, albeit with disparities among EU Member States’ legislation. The emerging Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI) for buildings is gaining importance. SmarterEPC aims to address these challenges by providing professionals with innovative tools to standardize assessments, supported by a user-friendly hub.